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    What we teach?

    Data Analytics Foundations

    Statistical Analysis

    Data Wrangling

    Data Cleaning

    Machine Learning Basics​

    Data Visualization

    Data Analysis

    Time series analysis & visualization


    Statistical analysis & hypothesis testing





    Data extraction

    Data Manipulation

    Tools Covered

    Course Objective - Career Opportunities

    •  Data Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Financial Analyst
    • Healthcare Data Analyst
    • Operations Analyst
    • Supply Chain Analyst
    • Risk Analyst
    • Data Scientist

    Our Students Learning Path

    Advanced Data Analytics Training

    Hands-on Real Time Data Analysis Projects

    Retail Sales Analysis

    Project Overview:

    Analyze sales data to uncover trends and provide actionable insights for a retail chain.

    Customer Behavior Modeling

    Project Overview:

    Use predictive analytics to model customer behavior and improve marketing strategies.

    Operational Efficiency Improvement

    Project Overview:

    Leverage data analytics to identify inefficiencies in business operations and recommend improvements.

    Course curriculum

    • The role of data analytics
    • Key concepts, and its impact on businesses.
    •  Descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, regression analysis.


    •   Python libraries (NumPy, SciPy).
    •  Data cleaning, transformation, and preparation techniques.


    • Python (Pandas), R.
    • Principles of data visualization, using Tableau and Power BI.


    • Tableau, Power BI.
    • Fundamentals of predictive modeling, analytics techniques.


    • Python (scikit-learn), R.
    • Introduction to big data, working with Hadoop and Spark.


    • Hadoop, Apache Spark
    •  Advanced SQL queries for data analysis.


    • MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Coding for data analysis, automation, and reporting. 


    • Python (Jupyter Notebooks)
    • RStudio.
    • Machine learning algorithms and their application in analytics.


    • Python (scikit-learn), R.
    • Applying data analytics skills to real-world business problems.


    • Integration of various tools and technologies learned throughout the course.
    Data Analytics Certificate

    Frequently Asked Questions

    4 months, inclusive of projects and portfolio development.

    Basic knowledge of statistics and programming is helpful but not required.

     Data Analytics Certification upon successful completion.

    Yes, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

    Flexible options available for both live and online learning in Hyderabad.


    Mastering Data Science with Syntax Minds

    Embarking on the data science course at Syntax Minds in Hyderabad truly
    transformed my career trajectory. The curriculum’s depth, covering everything from
    machine learning to statistical analysis, paired with hands-on projects led by
    industry experts, was exactly what I needed to advance my skills. The real-world
    applications I learned here have been instrumental in my professional success. For
    anyone serious about a career in data science, Syntax Minds is your launchpad!


    Venkat. S​

    Data Scientist at DataWise Analytics, Bengaluru.

    From Beginner to Data Science Expert

    As someone who started with a basic understanding of data analysis, the data
    science course at Syntax Minds was a revelation. It not only deepened my technical
    skills but also enhanced my analytical thinking. The personalized guidance and
    practical approach provided in Hyderabad’s engaging learning environment
    exceeded all my expectations. I strongly recommend Syntax Minds to anyone
    aspiring to break into the data science field!



    Data Analyst at NextGen Insights Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.

    Unparalleled Learning Experience in Data Science

    Syntax Minds offers an unmatched learning journey in data science. Their
    curriculum is at the forefront of current industry standards, focusing on both theory
    and practical application. What distinguishes them is their dedication to student
    success, offering extensive resources, modern tools, and mentorship. Post-
    graduation, I have a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating my skills in predictive
    modeling, data analysis, and machine learning, making me a sought-after
    professional in the job market. A heartfelt thank you to Syntax Minds for guiding my
    career to new heights!.


    Joanne Ellis

    Machine Learning Engineer at AI Innovations, New Delhi.

    Career Transformation through Syntax Minds' Data Science Course

    Opting for Syntax Minds’ data science training in Hyderabad was the best decision
    for my professional development. The course not only covered key areas like big
    data analytics, machine learning, and data. visualization but also taught me to approach problems strategically. The community support and networking
    opportunities have been tremendously beneficial. Since completing the course, I’ve
    been able to lead data-driven projects with confidence and have experienced
    remarkable career growth. Syntax Minds is at the cutting edge of data science


    Priya Singh

    Data Engineer at TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad.

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