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    Week Days Regular
    10:00 AM & 12:00 PM Batches
    (Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session
    Weekend Fast Track
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    What we teach?

    Informatica Cloud Overview

    Runtime Environments & Connections

    Synchronization & Data Transfer Task

    Cloud Mapping Designer

    Cloud Mapping Transformations

    Mapping Parameters

    Expression Macro and Dynamic Linking

    Replication Task

    Mass Ingestion Task


    Hierarchical Connectivity

    Advanced Task Settings & Performance Tuning

    Exception Handling

    Automating and Monitoring Tasks



    Tools Covered

    Course Objective - Career Opportunities

    • Data Integration Developer
    • Data Integration Engineer
    • ETL Developer
    • Data Architect
    • Data Quality Analyst
    • Cloud Data Engineer
    • Solution Architect
    • Business Intelligence Developer
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Technical Specialist
    • Project Manager
    • Sales Engineer
    • Solution Consultant

    Our Students Learning Path

    Informatica Training in Hyderabad

    Informatica IICS Projects

    E-commerce Data Integration:

              Project Overview:

    Streamline and integrate data from various e-commerce platforms into a centralized cloud data warehouse.

    CRM and ERP Integration

              Project Overview:

     Automate and optimize the flow of data between CRM and ERP systems using Informatica IICS.

    Real-time Customer Data Sync

    Project Overview

     Implement a real-time synchronization solution for customer data across multiple cloud platforms.

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    92% students got placed, It's your turn, register now.

      INFORMATICA training in Hyderabad - Course Curriculum

      • Object Synchronization
      •  Informatica Cloud
      •  Process Synchronization
      • Data Replication
      • Informatica Cloud Applications
      • Informatica Cloud – Key Terms


      •    Informatica Cloud Architecture
      •  Informatica Cloud Secure Agent
      • Informatica Secure Agent Architecture
      • Running Agent as Local/Network Users nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
      • Connection Properties
      •  Connection types
      •  Configuring a connection
      • Creating a Connection
      • Creating a Flat File Connection
      •  Data Synchronization application
      •  Data Synchronization Operations
      • Field Information
      • • Data Replication App Overview
      • Data Replication Features and Benefits
      •  Data Replication Source and Target Options
      •  Other Data Replication Task Options
      • Resetting the Target Table
      • Cloud Mapping Designer use cases
      • Mapping Lifecycle
      • Transformations in Cloud Mapping Designer
      • Mapping Validation
      • Creating a Simple Mapping using a Source, Filter, and Multiple Targets
      • Joiner, Expression, and Lookup transformations
      • Field Rules: Renaming Fields, Selection Criteria
      • Creating a Mapping using the Lookup and Expression Transformations
      • Aggregator Transformation Overview
      • Aggregator Transformation – Source and Target
      • Normalizer Transformation
      • Normalized Fields
      • Lookup Transformation
      •  Unconnected Lookup
      •  Data Filter
      •  Simple and Advanced Data Filter
      •  System Variables in a Data Filter
      • ncremental Processing
      • Field Expression
      •  Mapping Task
      • Parameterization use cases
      •  Adding Parameters to a Mapping
      •  Parameter Types
      •  Parameter Panel and Best Practices
      •  Mapping Updates and Deployment
      •  Creating, testing, and running a Mapping Task
      •  Pre and Post-Processing Commands
      •  Operating System Commands
      •  Parameter File
      •  Setting Up a Parameter File
      •  Schedules
      •  Schedule Repeat Frequency
      •  Repeat Frequency Options
      •  Schedule Blackout Period
      •  Email Notifications
      •  Linear Taskflow Overview
      •  Tasks included in a Linear Taskflow
      •  Properties of a Linear Taskflow
      • Scheduling a Taskflow
      • What is a Taskflow?
      • Task flow Steps
      •  Task flow Templates
      •  SQL Overrides in Lookups
      •  Lookup SQL Override Attributes
      •  Pre and Post SQL commands
      • Multiple Object Source Type
      •  Salesforce Objects – Options
      •  Salesforce Data Model and ERDs
      •  Saved Queries
      •  Purpose of external ID
      •  External ID fields in
      •  Foreign Keys
      •  Salesforce ID
      •  Relationships – Master-Detail relationship
      •  Relationships – Lookup relationship
      •  Workbench
      •  Data Loader
      •  Mapping, Sync and Replication task for SFDC
      •  Data Synchronization Operations – IDs
      •  Lookup Overview
      •  Configuring a Lookup
      •  Lookup Best Practices
      •  Hierarchical Schemas
      • Hierarchy Parser Transformation
      •  Hierarchy Builder Transformation
      •  Web Services and-REST Web Services
      •  Parameters of REST Web Service Message
      •  Web Service Transformation
      •  Using Web Service Transformation in a mapping
      •  What is a REST API?
      •  Informatica Cloud REST API
      •  Partitions
      •  Types of Partitioning
      •  Partitioning Rules and Guidelines
      •  Secure Agent Groups with Multiple Agents
      •  Discovery IQ Overview
      •  Discovery IQ Features
      •  Parameterization
      •  Use case and solution
      •  Advanced Parameterization
      •  Parameterization technique in a mapping
      •  Custom Roles
      • Asset Level Permissions
      •  Rules and Guidelines for Permissions
      •  Project or Folder Access Using User Groups
      •  Administrative settings for the organization
      •  User Roles
      •  User Groups
      •  Object-level permissions
      •  Organization hierarchy
      •  Migrating Assets
      Informatica IICS Certificate

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our Informatica training in Hyderabad stands out because:

      • We offer comprehensive courses covering all aspects of Informatica.
      • Our instructors are industry experts.
      • You’ll gain practical experience with hands-on learning.
      • We provide 100% placement assistance for high-paying jobs.
      • No coding background required.
      • We support individuals with career gaps.

      4 months, including project work.

       Basic understanding of data management is beneficial but not required.

      Informatica IICS Certification upon successful completion.

       Yes, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

      Available both live and online in Hyderabad.

      Absolutely! Our Informatica training program welcomes individuals with career gaps.


      Mastering Data Integration with Syntax Minds' Informatica IICS Course

      Embarking on the Informatica IICS course at Syntax Minds in Hyderabad was a
      transformative experience for my career in data integration. The curriculum,
      meticulously crafted and delivered by industry veterans, covered all facets of
      Informatica Cloud, from data synchronization to complex transformations. The
      practical projects pushed my boundaries and equipped me with the skills to tackle
      any integration challenge. For those serious about mastering Informatica IICS,
      Syntax Minds offers the premier pathway!


      Naga G

      Data Integration Specialist at DataFlow Solutions, Bengaluru.

      From Learner to Informatica IICS Expert

      My journey through the Informatica IICS course at Syntax Minds was nothing short
      of remarkable. Starting with a basic understanding of data management, I emerged
      as a proficient Informatica IICS expert. The course’s emphasis on hands-on learning,
      supported by a vibrant community in Hyderabad, was pivotal. I wholeheartedly
      recommend Syntax Minds to anyone aiming to excel in the field of data integration
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      Anvesh D

      Cloud Data Engineer at CloudSync Technologies, Mumbai.

      Excelling in Informatica IICS with Syntax Minds

      The Informatica IICS training at Syntax Minds provided an unmatched educational
      journey. The comprehensive curriculum, blending theoretical insights with practical
      application, is designed to meet the evolving demands of the data integration
      industry. The dedication to student success is evident through extensive resources,
      cutting-edge tools, and personalized guidance. Having graduated with a robust
      portfolio, I am now a sought-after professional in the Informatica ecosystem. My
      sincere gratitude to Syntax Minds for catapulting my career to new heights!


      Megha M

      Senior Data Architect at NextGen Data Services, New Delhi.

      Transforming Careers with Syntax Minds' Informatica IICS Training

      Choosing Syntax Minds for my Informatica IICS training in Hyderabad was the best
      decision for my career in data technologies. The course comprehensively covered he essentials of Informatica Cloud, including application integration, API
      management, and data quality, enhancing my analytical and strategic thinking
      skills. The supportive community and networking opportunities further enriched my
      learning experience. Post-course, I’ve confidently led data integration projects,
      marking significant career growth. Syntax Minds truly leads in data integration


      Amulya K

      Informatica Developer at Innovative Data Solutions, Hyderabad.