UI/UX Design Mastery Course:
Live and Online in Hyderabad

Kickstart your career in UI/UX Design with our comprehensive course, offered both live and online in Hyderabad. Led by industry stalwarts with over a decade of experience, this 5-month program is designed to transition your passion for design into a successful career. Dive deep into the realms of UI and UX, from foundational principles to the latest trends and techniques. Enroll now and step into the world of design with confidence and creativity.

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    Upcoming Batches

    Week Days Regular
    08:00 AM & 10:00 AM Batches
    (Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session
    Week Days Regular
    10:00 AM & 12:00 PM Batches
    (Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session
    Weekend Fast Track
    09:00 AM & 01:00 PM Batches
    (Class 3Hrs – 4Hrs) / Per Session
    Weekend Fast Track
    02:00 PM & 05:00 PM Batches
    (Class 3Hr – 4Hrs) / Per Session

    What we teach?

    Color theory

    Fundamentals of UI/UX Design:

    Creative problem-solving

    Visualization techniques


    Cohesive design systems

    Content planning

    UX writing principles

    Technologies in UI/UX

    Latest trends like AR/VR

    voice UI

    AI in design.

    Accessibility and Inclusive Design

    UX Writing and Content Strategy:

    Interaction Design

    Usability and User Testing

    Visual Design for UI

    Wireframing and Prototyping

    Engaging interfaces

    Testing methodologies

    layout design.


    Content Strategy

    UX Writing

    Emerging Technologies

    persona creation.

    user-centric approach

    Fundamentals of UI/UX Design

    Tools Covered

    Course Objective - Career Opportunities

    • Product Designer
    •  Information Architect
    •  comprehensive training
    •  UI/UX Designer
    • career support.
    • training and career support
    • Information Architect, 
    • career support
    • Interaction Designer
    • User Researcher
    • Visual Designer
    • comprehensive training

    Our Students Learning Path

    UI/UX Design course

    Hands-on Real Time UI/UX Course Projects

    E-commerce Website Redesign

    Project Overview:

    Enhance UX and conversion rates.

    Mobile App for Event Planning

    Project Overview:

    Design from concept to launch.

    Healthcare Web Portal Accessibility

    Project Overview:

         Ensure compliance with WCAG standards.

    Course Curriculum

    Topics Covered:

    • History of UI/UX, principles, UI vs. UX.


    Topics Covered:

    •  Ideation, problem-solving, user-centric design


    • Miro for brainstorming sessions

    Topics Covered:

    •  User research methods, creating and using personas.


    •  Google Forms for surveys, Xtensio for persona creation.


    Topics Covered:

    • Sketching, low to high-fidelity prototyping.


    •  Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma for wireframes and prototypes.


    Topics Covered:

    •  Color theory, typography, layout


    • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator for graphics.

    Topics Covered:

    •  Usability principles, conducting tests.


    •  User Testing for feedback, Google Analytics for analytics.

    Topics Covered:

    •  Designing for different devices, micro-interactions.


    • Adobe After Effects for animations.

    Topics Covered:

    •  Building design systems, maintaining consistency.


    •  Sketch, Figma for system creation.

    Topics Covered:

    •  Writing for UX, content strategy development.


    • Grammarly for editing, Notion for strategy planning.

    Topics Covered:

    •  Accessibility standards, designing for all users.


    •  AXE for accessibility testing.

    Topics Covered:

    •  AR/VR, voice UI, AI in design.


    • Unity for AR/VR, Adobe XD for voice prototyping.


    • 3 months, including project work and portfolio development.
    • None. Beginners welcome.
    • UI/UX Design Course Completion Certificate.


    • Yes, including portfolio reviews and interview prep.


    • Live and online in Hyderabad


    Crafting Digital Experiences at Syntax Minds' UI/UX Course

    Taking the UI/UX design course at Syntax Minds in Hyderabad was a defining
    moment in my design career. The curriculum, expertly led by seasoned designers,
    covered everything from user research to interactive design, equipping me with a
    holistic view of digital product design. The hands-on projects allowed me to apply
    theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, honing my skills in crafting intuitive
    and visually appealing interfaces. For anyone looking to dive deep into UI/UX
    design, Syntax Minds is the place to start!.


    Eshwar D

    UX Designer at Design Innovate, Bengaluru.

    From Beginner to UI/UX Expert

    Before enrolling in Syntax Minds’ UI/UX course, my understanding of design was
    superficial. This course transformed me into a confident UI/UX expert, thanks to its
    emphasis on practical skills and a supportive learning environment in Hyderabad.
    The personalized guidance and real-world projects prepared me for the challenges
    of the design industry. I highly recommend Syntax Minds to anyone aspiring to
    excel in UI/UX design!


    Mahindra A

    UI Developer at WebCrafters, Mumbai.

    Mastering UI/UX Design with Syntax Minds

    The UI/UX design training at Syntax Minds provided an unparalleled learning
    journey. The curriculum is comprehensive, merging theoretical insights with
    practical application, and designed to reflect the latest trends in design. The
    commitment to student success is evident through the provision of extensive
    resources, modern tools, and personalized mentorship. As a graduate, I have a
    portfolio that demonstrates my ability to solve user problems creatively, making me
    highly desirable to employers. I’m immensely thankful to Syntax Minds for setting
    my career on a successful path!


    Rohansh K

    Product Designer at Creative Solutions, New Delhi.

    Elevating Design Careers with Syntax Minds' UI/UX Training

    Opting for Syntax Minds for my UI/UX training in Hyderabad was the best decision
    for my career in digital design. The course covered essential design principles, user-
    centered design, and prototyping tools, enhancing my ability to create meaningful
    user experiences. The community support and networking opportunities were invaluable. Following the course, I’ve been able to lead design projects with
    confidence, contributing significantly to my professional growth. Syntax Minds
    stands at the forefront of design education.


    Vikram Singh

    Lead UX Designer at Innovative Designs, Hyderabad.

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